SPARROW HOUSE NY is an artists’ retreat and location rental property just 90 minutes north of NYC available for events, workshops, and editorial/film shoots. The historic, Carpenter Gothic Victorian home is 2000 square feet with nearly 2 acres available to book for outdoor events.  Nearly unchanged from its original, 1850s design, the home has a large living room, kitchen, library, screening room, 5 bedrooms, wireless internet, hardwood floors and stunning riverfront views.

Nestled in the Hudson River Valley, SPARROW HOUSE NY is a sanctuary for artists to do what they love best. Its home-base to a large network of creatives committed to supporting each other through workshops, readings, events and exhibitions.  

You can book SPARROW HOUSE NY for:

  • a weekend away

  • an extended stay

  • film, TV, editorial, commercial or Instagram shoots

  • your workshop or event

  • weddings & receptions

  • bridal and baby showers

  • birthday parties, anniversaries and reunions

  • BBQs and outdoor screenings

  • team-building workshops

  • yoga and wellness retreats

  • art exhibitions

You can visit SPARROW HOUSE NY to:

  • attend one of our networking events for creatives

  • participate in our monthly “Captain’s Table” writers’ workshops

  • learn about the history of Cornwall-on-Hudson and the house’s origins

  • sign up for workshops & events hosted by members of our creative community

Our Story

Though the house was built in 1859, it wasn’t until founder, Sarah Peters discovered the property in early 2018 that it became the artists’ retreat it is today. Sarah was immediately struck by the picturesque beauty of the property, its views and historic buildings, and wanted to bring it back to its creative roots in scenic, Cornwall-on-Hudson.  

172 years earlier, another Mainer from another time, writer, Nathaniel Parker Willis, first discovered and rebranded the area in 1846 when he built Idlewild, an idyllic spot not far from Sparrow House. Willis spent most of his time at Idlewild, editing the Home Journal (now better known as Town & Country) and taking in the beautiful surroundings.  His writings not only rebranded the area, renaming old Revolutionary War landmarks such as Murderers Kills to Moodna Creek and Butter Mountain to Storm King, but attracted New York City dwellers to visit the area to enjoy the clean air, fresh produce and peaceful views.  The area quickly transformed into a vacationland, and many of the town’s large, riverfront homes became boarding houses, Sparrow House included.  

Taking a page out of Willis’ book, Sarah was inspired to create a modern-day boarding house where New York artists could relax, take in nature and create their art outside the distractions of their beloved, bustling city.   A place where creatives escape to create, share and celebrate their work.  With the help of volunteers, artists, friends, family and the surrounding community, the house evolved into its latest incarnation whose mission is to support and champion new and diverse voices in the arts.